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Child Support in Florida

Child support is the court ordered financial contribution, typically from the noncustodial parent, made to support the upbringing of one’s minor child or children. Child support is meant to help cover the cost of raising a child and is essential to the child’s wellbeing.

Child Support Laws

Florida child support laws make it clear that both parents are expected to contribute financially to the cost of raising a child. For the most part, the amount of child support is determined by Florida’s child support guidelines, the parent’s incomes and the number of overnight stays the child spends with each parent. Technically, if both parents had the same salary and spent an equal amount of time with their children, there would not be a need for child support. However, this is rarely the case. Therefore, in divorce, custody, and paternity cases child support is almost always required.

It is vital to understand that child support calculations are not always black and white. There are many factors, including daycare, taxes, and other issues that could significantly alter the amount of money to be paid.

When Does Child Support End?

Child support payments typically end on the child’s 18th birthday. However, in situations where a child has not yet graduated high school by their 18th birthday, child support will continue until the child turns 19. In cases where the child is not on track to graduate high school by the age of 19, the payments may be terminated at age 18.

In some cases, child support never ends. If you have a child with special needs that cannot become an independent adult, child support could last the life of the child. If your child has already turned 18 and child support payments have ended, you could reopen the case to continue financial aid.

Modification of Child Support

Under Florida law, the adjustment of child support is allowed as long as the change is at least $50 or 15%; whichever amount is higher. Anytime a parent proves a substantial change in circumstances, whether it be a change in income, expenses, or in parenting time, they are allowed to file a petition to alter the child support amount.

Child Support Enforcement

In Florida, the agency designed to enforce child support orders and help find absent obligors is the Department of revenue. After the court enters a support order, the department of revenue may employ a variety of tactics to persuade obligors to comply with their required payments. Some of the many tactics they could use include but are not limited to garnishing bank accounts, reporting payment failure to credit agencies, suspending the obligor’s driving license, and intercepting income taxes or Florida lottery winnings. When an out of state child support order is correctly registered, the department of revenue may use the same tactics to enforce out of state orders.

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