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We believe each client comes with a unique set of circumstances and requires customized professional legal representation by recognizing these distinctive needs. We personalize our services within a sensitive environment with compassion and understanding.

Your marriage case is not the same as any other. When you hire Law Office of Mark Bakay, we take every detail into account. We do not want to make this time more difficult than it already is for you and your family in Apopka. We take your entire family into consideration when we start on a marriage case. Dedicated and diligent, our legal team here at Law Office of Mark Bakay will make sure your marriage case is treated with the respect it deserves.

Our firm is dedicated to helping our Apopka clients no matter what. We have over 10 years of experience, and throughout this time we have learned how to carefully listen to every detail from a marriage case. You can trust us at Law Office of Mark Bakay to take care of you. 

Part of our practice at Law Office of Mark Bakay is providing people in Apopka with help for the rest of their life. We'll use our over 10 years of experience in your marriage case to help you move on and meet your life goals. Contact Law Office of Mark Bakay using the information below:

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