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A Criminal Defense charge will change your life in a second. Law Office of Mark Bakay does not want you to stand alone or with a public defender at your hearing in a Maitland courthouse. We use our over 10 years of experience to make sure the criminal justice system will not be unfair during your Criminal Defense case.

At Law Office of Mark Bakay, we defend residents of the Maitland area who have been accused of crimes ranging form battery to assault and even murder. Criminal Defense charges can be by the state even if the victim did not wish to press charges. Maitland law usually result in someone innocent being prosecuted simply because they were at the scene of a crime. Make sure your rights are defended and you have the experience of Law Office of Mark Bakay on your side during your Criminal Defense case. 

When your future is on the line due to being charged with a Criminal Defense offense, you need to rely on the knowledgeable and professional experience of a Criminal Defense lawyer that you can confide in. At Law Office of Mark Bakay, our experience speaks for itself. We will prove that to you by working hard on your case and attaining the results you expect. 

Every case that comes to our Criminal Defense firm in Maitland gets the attention, time and careful evaluation that it deserves. At Law Office of Mark Bakay in Maitland, we strive to build and present the most defensible strategy after reviewing your case in its entirety. Our clients never have to worry about facing the criminal justice alone because we in Maitland will be by your side at every proceeding. At Law Office of Mark Bakay, our philosophy has always been that the clients and their needs always come first. When you have questions or concerns or need additional explanation, our Criminal Defense firm in Maitland will be there for you and your loved ones. Getting you through this harrowing ordeal with the most favorable resolution is paramount at Law Office of Mark Bakay. The most important thing to remember at Law Office of Mark Bakay in Maitland is that you and your family will not have to face any of this alone. If you want to learn more about us or schedule a consultation, then reach out to us today:


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